Information about Stone Countertops


Tastes in stone surfaces have evolved over time. At TTG we now primarily work with granite and engineered quartz but also have experience with marble, slate and other materials both natural and manufactured.

Granite is a natural material, an igneous stone which is mined and cut into slabs and usually polished. It is extremely hard and stain resistant. As a natural material it has irregular patterns and can show substantial variation between slabs. To view some various granites please view the website for our preffered granite wholesaler – MarGranite.

View granite inventory at Margranite

Quartz (or engineered quartz/stone) is a composite material constructed of crushed quartz stone bound together with bonding agents to form desirable colours and patterns that mimic natural materials. It is also extremely hard and is available in a wide range of patterns and colors. You can view engineered quartz at any one of the following suppliers.

Silestone, Caesarstone or Vicostone

You can visit any of these suppliers and then call us to arrange pickup and installation.

Natural Stone advantages

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Edge Profiles

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